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Safety Training: Evacuation Procedures in an Emergency

Evacuation Procedures

Dealing with an emergency is never easy, and neither is evacuating a facility during one. Very few of us can think clearly or act logically in a crisis. Our urge to get out can easily turn into panic and create a stampede that causes injuries and property damage. But it doesn’t have to be that way – you can help to ensure that an evacuation is calm and orderly.

Different facilities will experience different types of emergency situations and vary in evacuation procedures. This safety training video lesson will help prepare employees for the unexpected occasions when evacuation of a building is necessary. Key points include:

  • Know “who is supposed to do what” in an evacuation, and where you fit into the plan
  • Take time in advance to learn at least two evacuation routes you can use from your work area
  • When an evacuation alarm rings, stay calm. Leave the area and report to your Assembly Point
  • In a fire, stay low to avoid heat and smoke. Never open a hot door
  • If hazardous materials are involved, stay upwind and upstream from the source of contamination

Clearing a facility under emergency conditions is a serious challenge. But planning ahead and knowing what to do during an evacuation will help get everyone out safely. Emergencies are always unpredictable, so it’s important for everyone to be adequately prepared and understand their role in their facility’s particular evacuation procedures.

MARCOM’s safety training video on Evacuation Procedures provides the information employees need to learn what steps to take to act quickly and safely during an evacuation. This video is one of the most effective and efficient ways to get employees the training that they need, in a classroom or individually through their desktop or tablet computer.

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