Deliver a modern, learner-centric experience that
promotes exploratory learning and personal skill
development for your organization with BizLibrary’s
Learning Experience Platform.

Organizations today need top-performing employees to drive their competitive advantage. Delivering high-quality content in a personalized, learner-centric environment creates a strong culture of learning and a highly engaged workforce!

Drive Engagement, Utilization, and Social Collaboration

With the ability to create and share playlists, learners can save content for later or share with their peers to encourage collaboration. With ratings and comments, learners can quickly find popular content amongst their organization. And, don't forget to add in points and badging with our latest gamification feature to increase utilization using social learning principles.

Personalize the Learning Experience

Through customizable home page widgets and white-labeling of your custom environment, learners feel comfortable knowing their organization is participating in their skill development. Additionally, BizLibrary’s platform includes a content recommendation engine that suggests new learning for individuals based on their preferences and historical learning!

Access Relevant Content Quickly and In the Time of Need

Our robust search functionality, and wide variety of filtering options make finding and narrowing down content to exactly what the learner is looking for quick and seamless! Our learning paths are also expert content curations of one-to-two hours that save you procurement time!

Data and Insights to Guide Your Program

Unlike many other LXPs out there, we realize the need for tracking of assigned content, and real-time reporting. Whether it be annual compliance training, or more structured training programs you wish to track, our tools make it fast and easy to determine which learners have completed training, and which still need a nudge.

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