St. Louis, Missouri For 24 years BizLibrary has provided relevant and impactful training content to people and organizations across the country, not just because it’s good for business, but because we truly care and believe in the value of education and helping others. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching further and further into the lives of everyday Americans, a lot of organizations are taking precautionary procedures to help protect their employees’ health and wellbeing. Many organizations are turning to employees working remotely as the solution. While this solution might be the most effective approach an organization can take while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, it unfortunately also comes with its own unique set of business challenges 

During these times of uncertaintywe believe we have a responsibility as industry leaders to provide those facing these challenges with as much help and support apossible. Thus, we’ve recently created a free playlist titled “COVID-19 Resources” for anyone to access.  

Simply click here to access the playlist.

Here are a few of the main topic areas you can expect us to cover in this playlist: 

  • Preparing for an Epidemic 
  • Setting Up Your Remote Workspace 
  • Conference Call Guidelines 
  • Staying Productive While Working Remotely 
  • Enhancing Productivity with Remote Workers 

All these videos are extremely important and will provide valuable, actionable information you and your organization can use during these times of uncertainty.  

Although all this content is valuable, we’d like to draw special attention to the video lesson titled, “Preparing for an Epidemic.” In this video, you’ll learn the true symptoms of COVID-19, how to prepare for an epidemic as an individual and an organization, how to prevent the spread of a virus in the workplace, good hygiene practices, and how to create a business plan to keep operations running during these times ouncertainty.  

We hope this information is helpful as you continue to push through during these trying times.

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