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When planning your 2024 training program roadmap, marketing might not be the first thing on your mind. Choosing topics, finding content, and outlining metrics often take center stage, while marketing your programs receives little time and attention. This inattention to marketing your learning programs is a big mistake for companies who want to develop successful and impactful learning programs.   

 Here are some ways marketing impacts the overall success of learning programs. 

  • Communicates program value to your learners.  
  • Outlines competencies.  
  • Provides insights into skills crucial to each organization. 

To empower our clients and help them market training effectively, BizLibrary introduced the ‘Learner Marketing Program’, aimed at boosting content consumption among learners. We curate content from our award-winning content library, the BizLibrary Collection, and put together emails that go directly to learners on key topics like DEI&B, safety, leadership, communication, and more.  

The Learning Marketing Program is designed for both learners and administrators alike by fueling growth and development among learners through curated emails and providing time-saving advantages for administrators. Let’s explore three key ways the learning marketing program benefits program developers and their organizations.   

Saves Time 

The most notable advantage of the learner marketing program is that it frees up valuable time for administrators. This time-saving aspect is particularly impactful as it allows administrators to shift their focus from the labor-intensive task of marketing training content to more strategic and impactful activities of their training initiatives.  

The program has immediate benefits to administrators and program leaders. Instead of spending hours on promotional efforts, they can now use that time for program development in other ways, like enhancing the overall learning experience for their employees. This may involve refining the content delivery process, creating games and other activities for a more engaging learning environment, and tailoring programs to meet the specific needs of learners. 

Another benefit of having more time is that administrators can concentrate on consolidating and tracking learner performance.  

This could include creating a detailed analysis of individual learners’ progress, identifying individual areas of improvement for teams and individuals, and designing learning paths for developing specific skills.  

Tracking performance and adjusting programs based on this information allows for a more informed and impactful approach to shaping the learning journey for each participant while also communicating the ROI of core training programs.  

An additional benefit of having more time is the opportunity to fine-tune program details, ensuring that every aspect aligns with the overarching organizational objectives.  

This includes optimizing content relevance, adjusting pacing to suit the learners’ needs, and incorporating feedback loops for continuous improvement. Looping in key stakeholders and incorporating your organization’s code of conduct or core values is a simple but powerful way to link your employees’ skill development with the organization’s goals – deepening the connection your employees have with their teams and organization.  

Ultimately, the learning marketing program not only streamlines promotional efforts but also frees up time so administrators can take a more strategic and hands-on approach to shaping highly effective and tailored learning experiences at their organization. 

Encourages Elective Learning 

Every email generated by the learner marketing program is packed with professionally curated content recommendations that address specific skills.  These recommendations come complete with detailed descriptions of each lesson, outlining the expected learning outcomes. This not only sparks interest in learning and development but also serves as a roadmap for personal growth. Through these emails, learners are not only inspired to dive into the recommended content but are also equipped to make informed choices about what to explore next. 

By providing a comprehensive overview of each lesson’s learning outcomes, the program empowers learners to align their educational journey with their personal and professional goals. This approach fosters a culture of continuous learning, where individuals feel not just encouraged but informed and equipped to pursue ongoing growth. The curated content recommendations, accompanied by clear insights into the expected outcomes, create a learning environment that is engaging and strategically aligned with each learner’s aspirations. 

Creates a Path for Upskilling 

Each email in the program contributes to a learner’s holistic understanding of critical industry topics. This, in turn, serves as a wellspring of inspiration for skill-building. It helps learners connect the dots between their current knowledge and their aspirations, steering them toward specific skills and competencies that align with their desired career goals. In essence, it’s a pathway to personal and professional growth. 

This program effectively addresses key challenges faced by program administrators and their learners. It directly tackles program administrator issues like time constraints and resource limitations and provides a streamlined solution that greatly benefits organizations. Additionally, the program recognizes the common hurdle of administrators navigating a vast library of training content, offering a more efficient and targeted approach to upskilling their learners. 

Moreover, the program provides a solution for issues administrators often encounter when trying to encourage learners to engage in elective learning. The solution is strategically promoted content through curated emails that actively foster a culture of continuous learning.  

The deliberate strategy of the Learning Marketing Program to promote skill gains among its audience benefits both individual learners and organizations by providing invaluable opportunities for professional development and communal growth. 

By alleviating the pressing concerns faced by administrators, and offering a modern, comprehensive, easily integrated solution, BizLibrary’s Learner Marketing Program is an invaluable resource for organizations that are committed to promoting learning and development at their organization. 

If you want more tips for marketing your training program, check out our “A Complete Guide to Marketing Your Training Program” resource. 

For those BizLibrary’s clients who are interested in the direct-to-learner marketing program please note that you must be utilizing BizLMS as well as the full BizLibrary Collection to participate. For those qualifying clients who want to take advantage of this program by allowing BizLibrary to promote training content directly to learners, simply contact your BizLibrary representative today!