You may catch up on sessions on demand.

May 2022 marked BizLibrary’s first-ever L&D conference, BOOST: The Future of Upskilling, where L&D Champions, HR Leaders, Training Pros and C-Suite Executives gathered to learn about the value upskilling can bring to organizations looking to solve common business challenges like low employee engagement and retention. Nearly 700 guests joined us live for a fun-filled, jam-packed two days.

The special thing about BOOST was that we encouraged people to attend no matter what stage they were at in their training programs. With more than 20 sessions, we made sure to include something for everyone attending. We wanted our attendees to feel inspired, eager to upskill, and have the tools they need to take back to their organizations for a successful training program.

Judi Holler kicked off BOOST with a message of how the power of improv and ambition when used together can help you develop a “bring it on” mindset. She tells us how yes is not enough – we must ask ourselves yes, and… The day followed with sessions for upskilling newbies, industry specific Q&A with expert panelist, and to honor Mental Health Awareness Month, a presentation on how to build your house of health.

Day two did not fall short of success. The day opened with a session on inclusive mindset where Justin Jones-Fosu taught us how Diversity is Dope and how to tackle tough topics in compassionate ways. Several sessions were led by subject matter experts on the importance of having an open dialogue with your manager to create positive working relationships. Specific topics ranged from how to build trust with your employees and building emotional intelligence to skills managers need to thrive.

Then someone started chopping onions during John O’Leary’s inspirational story of survival and determination that left us moved and a little teary-eyed. We also managed to work in a ton of fun during these two days! A variety of activities were planned to engage our guests and show our appreciation for attending our first-ever public conference. Guests got to e-meet the event spokesdog, Launchpad, as well as connect with the following BOOST sponsors: ThinkHuman, 15Five, Emsi Burning Glass, Tooling U-SME, The Predictive Index, and Confetti.

Unlike typical virtual events, guests had the opportunity to network with others in dedicated breakout rooms for organizations in health care, finance, and manufacturing industries. Confetti hosted our networking sessions where attendees were able to play icebreaker games and trivia while interacting with new people.

To pay homage to our furry friends who stayed by our sides throughout the pandemic, guests could enter their pets in a Cutest Pet Contest and win a special prize of BOOST-branded goodies. Congratulations to the three tied winners, Penny, Lido, and Willow!

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