Video course on the Science of Happiness at Work

A 2022 Gallup survey found that only 32% of employees are engaged at work. That leaves almost 70% of the workplace wondering if they’d be better off somewhere else.  What are the major causes of disengagement? The three most common causes of employee disengagement are lack of trust in management, lack of opportunities to advance, and a missing sense of purpose or meaning. In other words… they’re unhappy.

Happiness and work. If those two concepts seem like opposites to you, Stella Grizont would like a word. In the newest addition to the BizLibrary Expert Insights series, Stella walks listeners through concepts of Applied Positive Psychology (also known as the science of happiness).

Before Stella was interviewed by TIME Magazine for being one of the nation’s leading experts on happiness, she was a Brand Strategist who frequently cried in the office bathroom and thought there had to be more to life than what she was feeling. Sound familiar? After she realized something needed to change, Stella left her job as a brand strategist to return to school and become one of the first 150 people to receive a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

Stella encourages the 70% of employees who are feeling ho-hum and the 17% who are actively miserable to take a deep look inward. As she says in the first lesson of The Science of Happiness at Work – your feelings are not always your fault, but it is your responsibility to do something about it. There are lots of factors that lead to people feeling disengaged and deeply unhappy at work – and it’s not always something wrong with the workplace itself.

There are nine total lessons in The Science of Happiness at Work, reviewing concepts such as positivity, resilience, self-compassion, visualization, goal-setting, and more. Each lesson includes facts from scientific studies paired with quick exercises to reinforce the skills learned.  

Stella founded WOOPAAH, a consulting firm that now helps thousands of people leave workplace dread behind without switching companies. And if a switch is what’s best – Stella also provides Dream Job Design coaching to help people realize what’s truly important to them so that they can stop chasing happiness and start being happy.

If you think you or your workforce could use a boost of positive energy, get a sneak peek of Stella’s Science of Happiness course in our Expert Insights Series.