Alyssa Dver of the ERG Alliance and the American Confidence Institute has partnered with BizLibrary to bring two dynamite Expert Insights courses to their library: “ERG Intelligence” and “The Science and Secrets of Real Confidence.” Alyssa describes herself as a “Confidence Crusader, Neuro Nerd, and Success Equalizer.” She was first spurred to action in medical research when her son was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Dystonia. When doctors lacked the confidence she needed in order to make the right decisions for her son, she pursued neurological, psychological, and sociological research as well as both Eastern and Western techniques. Soon, the experts that she had first sought after on behalf of her son began to call her for advice.

In Alyssa’s research, she learned that confidence isn’t an inherited trait or a result of past success – confidence is a conscious decision and a requirement for future successes. In the Expert Insights course “The Science and Secrets of Real Confidence,” Alyssa reveals what she learned in her research and how she’s since trained over 250,000 people to unlock their fullest potential with confidence. Alyssa went on to found the American Confidence Institute, an organization that employs over 400 certified confidence coaches all over the world. They provide ICF and SHRM-certified courses in confidence, as well as live workshops. Alyssa’s expertise has been implemented at organizations such as Spotify, MIT, Harvard, and more.

Now about ERGs – what are they? Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, as they are also called, are committees of employees that are drawn together by common interests and the pursuit of a goal to advance their organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusivity. However, ERGs can rally around any goal, interest, or cause – their existence doesn’t have to be traditionally DEI in nature. The goal of diversity and inclusion is to create a workforce where many different types of people can feel psychologically safe at work. ERGs are a valuable tool in that effort as they carve out spaces for people to gather, lead, interact with their wider coworker community, and more. However, ERGs can be difficult to do correctly – and can even have a negative impact on the workforce if implemented poorly. So – how can an organization take advantage of the benefits that ERGs have to offer while avoiding their possible pitfalls? Alyssa walks learners through exactly that question in “ERG Intelligence.” Alyssa is a supremely talented – dare we say confident expert who has partnered with BizLibrary to bring her knowledge to our clients. If you’re interested in what else our Expert Insights series has to offer, check out our playlist!