2024 Product Roadmap: Content Trends & Learner Experience Enhancements

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024, 1:00 pm CT

According to a 2023 BizLibrary survey of HR and L&D professionals “not enough learner participation” is one of the top 3 learning and development challenges. Going into 2024, BizLibrary placed the learner experience in the forefront when determining which product enhancements to prioritize for our clients. Dive into the evolution of learner behavior and learn how our upcoming product and content roadmap can drive more learning in the top in-demand skills at your organization. 

Join BizLibrary CPO Erin Pinkowski and CMO Paul Eschen as they discuss trends and upcoming releases such as: 

  • Reviewing data insights from 2023 on learning content trends and a look forward into topical focus areas in 2024. 
  • Putting the power in the learner’s hands to search content faster and more intuitively than ever, 
  • Tailoring the learner’s experience by using AI to deliver personalized content recommendations based on their behavior and interests, 
  • Putting your teams ahead of the competition with cutting edge content topics to educate your teams on highly-sought-after skills, and 
  • Saving administrators time by providing quick insights in a customizable reporting dashboard. 


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Erin Pinkowski
Chief Product Officer
Erin Pinkowski is the Chief Product Officer at BizLibrary. She joined the company in 2013 as a marketing specialist and now oversees the teams responsible for enhancing our content and platform products and increasing awareness of those products within the market. Prior to joining BizLibrary, she worked as an event manager in the hospitality industry.
Paul Eschen
Chief Marketing Officer
As the Chief Marketing Officer for BizLibrary, Paul designs and implements strategies to help our company achieve its growth goals. Paul is also responsible for key business initiatives, including designing offerings that make clients and prospects’ lives easier. Paul is known for his transformative ability to align sales and marketing teams to drive business results. With a degree from the University of Missouri in Strategic Communications and having spent the past 8 years at Maritz, a motivation and incentive company, Paul has found a professional passion for behavioral science and its impact on improving the learner experience.


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A. Yes, most of our webinars are approved for one hour of HRCI and SHRM general credit. In order to be approved for credits, you must attend at least 50 minutes of the webinar.

Q. How do I know if the webinar is approved for credits?
A. If a webinar is approved for SHRM or HRCI general credits, the registration page will have the SHRM and HRCI badges at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions regarding credits, email kmiller@bizlibrary.com.

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