Our content experts put together a playlist with videos from our content library. This month we're sharing essential skills for new managers. They'll learn how to set clear expectations, give feedback, have difficult conversations, and more!
Successful Middle Management: How to Get Clear on Expectations
In this experience, learners will be guided through the Good to Great Grid to gain clarity on expectations from employers. And this same grid can be used to carve out expectations from and with others.
The Art of Accountability Conversations: Dealing with Challenging Situations
After viewing, learners will learn how to incorporate the ART method along with the INSPIRE method to help the employee commit to and follow through on their responsibilities.
Bud to Boss: Creating the Mindset for Your New Role
In this lesson, viewers will be given a list of what defines leadership and a few examples that don’t equate to leadership. This experience will help bring learners a step closer to understanding how to assert themselves as powerful leaders.
Exceptional Leadership Communication: Building Trust with Your Team — Credibility
Viewers will learn six ways to build credibility with your team, leaders, and clients.
Leadership Skills for New Managers: Giving Feedback
After watching this lesson, learners will have a step-by-step process to follow to provide effective feedback. Viewers will learn the importance of creating two-way avenues of communication and feedback from employees.
Team Building Crash Course: Setting Your Team up for Success
In this lesson, viewers will learn how to build their team with steps ranging from recruiting a diverse group of people to providing management support.
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