Our content experts put together a playlist with videos from our content library. This month we're sharing lessons to help create a positive onboarding experience. Viewers will learn about new hire success, cyber security, and more!
Cyber Security Toolkit
There are many ways for unwanted guests to obtain personal and company information. This toolkit will give your employees methods to keep them out of harm's way and feeling confident and protected.
Ethics Crash Course
Ethics and values can seem the same but are two very distinct proponents of a company’s foundation. Viewers will learn how to embody the core values and make ethical decisions.
New Hire Success: Starting Your New Job Right
Whether they’re a brand-new hire or got an internal promotion, new hires will learn how to make a lasting first impression and navigate the onboarding process with ease.
Selling You: Starting a New Job
This video course will help ambitious employees take five steps before starting a new job, as well as tips on how to adjust to a new organization and role.
Anti-harassment for Employees: Recognizing Harassment
Get engaging and insightful anti-harassment tips to avoid being a passive bystander in situations of harassment. Employees will learn how to detect harassment firsthand and help themselves or others in need.
Inclusive Mindset: What Diversity Is and Isn't
Let’s deconstruct some of the preconceived notions about diversity and think beyond the big three of race, gender, and sexuality. Learners will develop skills to disagree with someone while still respecting someone and acknowledging their humanity.
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