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Celebrating Juneteenth: A Step Towards Inclusion
This lesson covers the history and meaning of Juneteenth. By the end, learners can expect to walk away with a better understanding of why the holiday deserves to be celebrated and how they can do their part to honor it.
The HR Guide to LGBTQIA+ Equality in the Workplace
This lesson covers what the LGBTQIA+ acronym stands for, how this term relates to worker rights, and why equity should be the goal for every organization.
Inclusive Mindset: 3 Ways to Be an Intentionally Inclusive Leader
Being a leader doesn’t always have to do with being liked. It’s about making the right choices and stepping up for others. In this video, expert Justin Jones-Fosu shares how to authentically embrace diversity and inclusion through addressing unfairness and mistreatment despite any potential backlash, building trust, believing in your people, and leading vulnerably.
Overcoming Unconscious Bias
To overcome unconscious bias, first employees need to know it exists, reflect on the nature of prejudice, determine how it affects any ideas, and then commit to behaviors that counteract current beliefs. In this video, viewers will learn common examples of unconscious bias, how to correct for it before it has a negative impact on their interactions with others, and how to contribute to a positive, more inclusive workplace environment.
Establishing Equity: Integrating Inclusion
While we often lump diversity and inclusion in the same bucket, the two are different but closely linked. In this video, viewers will learn about the relationship between diversity and inclusion within an organization as well as steps for how to maintain a diverse workforce.
Discussing Culturally Sensitive Topics
Talking about cultural and social issues at work can be uncomfortable and get heated quickly. In this video, viewers will learn strategies to help address these subjects more respectfully by remembering remaining empathetic, respectful, and open-minded throughout the conversation.
Being an Ally at Work: 10 Tips to Live By
Being an ally is the act of using one’s power, position, or privilege to uplift others, and it’s needed in the workplace. This video defines what it means to be an ally, why it’s important in the modern workforce, and delivers 10 ways employees can actively practice allyship.
Diversity Toolkit: Conscious Inclusion
Part of embracing diversity is conscious inclusion. In this video, viewers will learn what conscious inclusion is, tips on how to adopt it in the workplace, and steps to put it into practice.

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