How to Keep Your Sanity as an HR Professional in 2024

I Hate It Here… 

No, seriously – I Hate It Here.  

Hebba Youssef’s aptly named newsletter, which she describes as the burn book for HR professionals, is written in her unique style – unapologetic and real. Why? Because she knows that all HR professionals can understand what it means to somehow, simultaneously be everyone’s most AND least favorite member of the organization.  

Hebba pulls no punches in her message, and it’s no wonder HR professionals have flocked to her newsletter in droves. Now serving as Chief People Officer for the rapidly growing media production company, Workweek, she lives life like a vigilante – CPO by day, content creator by night with one primary mission in mind: helping HR & people teams build exceptional workplaces. 

Join BizLibrary CMO, Paul Eschen, as he invites this HR superhero on to L&D Unlocked to dive into issues like: 

  • Balancing authenticity & confidentiality as an HR professional 
  • Identifying the difference between ‘Fixing’ & ‘Enabling’  
  • Understanding the NEEDS of your organization & the WANTS of the employees 
  • Bridging the professional gap with the newest entrants to the workforce – Gen Z 
  • Setting individual core values as a method of finding the right environment for you        

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Hebba Youssef
Chief People Officer
Hebba Youssef is the Chief People Officer at Workweek and founder and creator of “I Hate it Here.” Her weekly newsletter has over 130,000 engaged readers and focuses on how HR/People teams can build great work cultures.