Decoding AI: Expert Analysis & Practical Application with Kurt Berglund

Bachelor of Science from Stanford, Master of Science from Stanford, senior software engineer at Microsoft, principal software engineer at Microsoft, and now vice president of science & engineering at Seattle-based SaaS-provider, Highspot.  

Do you still need convincing that Kurt Berglund probably knows a thing or two about artificial intelligence? Yeah, neither did we… 

To say that Berglund is a “Tech Futurist” would be an understatement, he lives his day-to-day life at the forefront of innovation. It’s trailblazers like him who pioneer the trickle-down technology that we all, at some point, use to improve our own professional efficiency. With all of this in mind — you won’t be terribly surprised to see the excitement shine through BizLibrary’s own resident technologist, CRO Chris Elliot, as they deep dive into our industries latest tech trends and their future effect on our lives and roles.  

Tune in to hear Kurt & Chris dig into topics like: 

  • A true expert’s definition of artificial intelligence & generative AI  
  • The ‘3 Waves’ of AI application & progression 
  • Understanding the implications of AI on the everyday professional 
  • The role of gen AI as a method of augmentation, NOT replacement 
  • Forecasting the long-term trajectory & impact of AI 

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Kurt Berglund
Vice President of Science & Engineering