Automation has continued to transform the workplace: a report published by Bloomberg says that an estimated 120 million workers will need to be retrained and upskilled.

As rapidly-developing technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning lessen the market demand for technical skills, soft skills have become increasingly important as a source of competitive advantage and differentiation – both in the talent marketplace and within industry markets.

In short, people who can do what machines cannot are an increasingly valuable commodity.

As it stands, these skills are at a premium – new hires with strong soft skills are hard to come by, and the talent marketplace is currently faced with a major soft skills gap.

Unchecked, these skill gaps can affect strategic planning, and lessen the chances that a business is able to accomplish its goals.

In this ebook, which we created in partnership with Training Industry, we’ll cover brand new and original research that outlines exactly how severely the soft skills gap affects businesses, what skill gaps are most common, and a few use cases that show how organizations are bridging soft skill gaps.

You’ll learn:

  • How to conduct a needs assessment to discover what soft skills your individual employees need most
  • How to formulate an effective training strategy using multiple modalities to overcome skill gaps
  • Identify skill gaps on both an enterprise basis and role-by-role


You’ll get access to the most up-to-date and cutting edge research surrounding the soft skills gap in this free ebook, designed to help you transform your organization and develop a competitive advantage around your people strategy!