Change and uncertainty can strike any organization – and when they do, your business needs to be prepared. A variety of scenarios, including PR nightmares, mergers and acquisitions, new government regulations, and rapid market changes have negatively impacted otherwise healthy organizations who weren’t prepared.

A prepared organization is one that knows how to effectively communicate necessary details to employees, investors, leadership, partner companies, clients, and leverage learning and development to support change. By using communication as a framework, you can more easily navigate organizational change and uncertainty.

In this ebook, we’ll cover:

  • How to classify your crisis by measuring outrage from your stakeholders and objectively evaluating the hazard your change or crisis might cause
  • How to identify and communicate the most important details
  • How to gain leadership buy-in on a change management plan, and how you can use that buy-in to get more employees on board with your changing processes

You’ll also get a free workbook section so you can practice preparing for crisis – without the stress and headache of an actual crisis.