Think of the best managers you know. Then think of the best leaders you know. Are they the same people? Or is there a definite difference between the skills these people offer?

Many people naturally lean toward one or the other – either they’re great at operations but lacking inspiration, or they can motivate even the most unmotivated, while struggling to ensure processes run smoothly. Leaders need to know their stuff – how the day-to-day operations are going, and what can be done to improve shortcomings. Likewise, managers are the glue of every organization, and their teams need to see inspiration from those leaders who are closest to them.

Helping your leaders and managers balance those two aspects allows for a more connected, more successful organization to emerge.

In this ebook, we’ll show you how to identify the skills your managers need, how to identify the people primed for leadership, and what it takes to develop a well-rounded team that keeps your organization moving onward and upward.