70% of employee training is forgotten within 24 hours. Change this forgetting pattern by systematically reinforcing employee learning with BoosterLearn.

Learning Retention Boosted

The forgetting curve image on the left demonstrates how memory rapidly declines after training. Within a matter of days, more than half of knowledge is simply lost, and along with it, your investment in delivering that training. The image on the right shows how BoosterLearn saves your investment.

How It Works

Boosts arrive via email in the days and weeks following completion of a training course or program.
Boosts include quizzes, surveys, polls, and reflective questions that help your employees to recall essential information.
Polls engage employees and allow comparisons to colleagues.
Reflective questions prompt deeper recall of knowledge.
Higher learning retention leads to increased training ROI.

Solving Learning Retention in the Workplace

Learn how Humentum utilizes BoosterLearn to ensure not just content mastery in the moment, but also retention and application of new knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Each year, thousands of professionals take advantage of Humentum’s nearly 400 national and international workshops, eLearning offerings, and webinars to build their capacity in the area of USAID compliance.

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