AI-Powered Learning Features

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Deliver personalized learning experiences at scale

AI-powered learning features allow you to create customized learning experiences for every employee with curated content recommendations and development plans mapped to key skills for their current job role and roles they want in the future.

Efficient and effective training

Learners have limited time for training, and a large library can be difficult to navigate. AI functionality will allow you to give your learners tailored recommendations with minimal administrator lift.

A dashboard designed with busy administrators in mind

Role-specific upskilling
BizAI uses machine learning to match learners with pre-built job role, skill, and content paths that provide personalized learning and career growth tailored to individual employees. 
AI-Enhanced Search
The smart search functionality understands user queries, returning courses, videos, and other resources tailored to individual requirements. This not only saves time but ensures that employees access the most pertinent information for their skill development journey. 
Content Recommendation Engine
Using machine learning, the platform analyzes user behavior, preferences, and historical data to deliver highly targeted content recommendations based on a learner’s interests and career goals.
Learner-Driven Development
Learner preferences – like formats, topics of interest, and pacing – are captured and analyzed to serve up personalized content recommendations to help learners achieve their career goals.

Build better learning experiences in less time

We all have limited time. Learn more about how we’re leveraging AI to help you create meaningful, effective, and engaging learning experiences.

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