We have recently released “Preparing for an Epidemic,” a video lesson devoted to helping individuals and organizations stay safe in the face of an outbreak. In addition, as a majority of the workforce is now working outside the office, we have created a new curated learning path titled “Working Remotely.” Below are a few of the video lessons within this new learning path.
Preparing for an Epidemic
Epidemics can be really frightening, and with so much information swirling around, it's easy to panic and spread false information. Preparation and the right preventative measures are key to keeping you and your workforce safe and healthy. In this video, you'll learn symptoms of COVID-19, how to prepare for an epidemic as an individual and an organization, how to prevent the spread of a virus in the workplace, good hygiene practices, and how to create a clear business plan to keep operations running.
Setting Up Your Remote Workspace
Working remotely has a lot of benefits, but your workspace can really impact your productivity. You want a place free of distractions, and you also want to make sure you have the right equipment. Learn how to set up a remote workspace that will help you maximize your productivity.
Conference Call Guidelines
Conference calls can be a great way to keep your dispersed team connected, but they can go south quickly. We've all had the experience of being on a conference call that wasn't a good use of time, or a dog was barking in the background, or half the team had technical difficulties. Learn best practices for having effective conference calls.
Staying Productive While Working Remotely
Remote work gives you a lot of flexibility, but sometimes that flexibility makes it hard to stay focused and productive. There are several ways to help yourself stay on task, including making a schedule, taking breaks, and more. In this video, you'll get tips on staying productive even if you're working from the couch.
Enhancing Productivity with Remote Workers
Employees might love the idea of working remotely, while managers don't like that they can't monitor or check up on employees regularly. But remote workers can be just as productive, if not more, than employees in the office. In this video, you'll learn how to manage remote employees, help them be their most productive, and the mutual benefits of remote work.