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Fulfill standard safety and compliance training with the following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification course:

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry
This osha 10 hour course features content on enforcing safety measures and best practices in general high-risk work environments. Users can learn about electrical safety, emergency hazard communication, personal protective equipment, walking and working surfaces, and more.

Keep Teams Up to Date on Job Site Safety Topics

Worker Rights and Employer Responsibilities
PPE Requirements
Emergency Protocols
Protecting Against Hazards
Types of Health Effects
Impacts on the Human Body
Best Practices for Ensuring Health and Safety
Improving Current Safety Culture

Deliver the Highest Quality Safety and Compliance Training

Safety and compliance training is a top priority for organizations seeking training resources. BizLibrary offers OSHA 10-hour general industry content for separate purchase through its partnership with ClickSafety – an online safety and compliance training provider to more than 10,000 organizations worldwide across multiple industries. Below are some of the benefits of using BizLibrary for osha compliance training:
Available in Spanish
The certification courses are available in English or Spanish to accommodate learners with diverse backgrounds.
NYC Site Safety Training (SST) Compliant
A voice authentication format of the OSHA 10-General Industry course is available to comply with the actively proctored online training requirements of NYC SST Local Law 196.
Provides Department of Labor (DOL) Cards
Upon completion of OSHA 10 online and a passing score on the final exam, learners will receive DOL cards in the mail.
Compatible with BizLMS
OSHA 10 training content can be easily accessed through BizLMS’ single course player for a consistent experience or any AICC-compatible Learning Management System.

Train Your Workforce Beyond Compliance

Getting your organization’s workforce OSHA 10 certified keeps them compliant with the latest safety regulations and can reduce and prevent job-related injuries and lawsuits or penalties. Consistent online osha training can lead to a safer work environment and higher employee productivity, as well as reduce the cost of potential compliance violations.

In addition to training your workforce on the latest compliance and safety regulations, BizLibrary offers an inclusive library of content for all types of work environments that can provide the tools to help your organization engage its employees and achieve new skills. Learn More

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