Online Learning Platform New Features

Inline Help and Featured Playlists Announced as New LMS Features, Along with Multiple Enhancements to Administrator and Learner Functionality

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – February 10, 2017

BizLibrary, the leader in online employee training solutions, is excited to announce new features and enhancements to its award-winning learning management system.

The new additions to the LMS include Inline Help and Featured Playlists. These new features benefit both administrators’ and learners’ ability to use BizLibrary’s online learning platform more effectively.

Inline Help allows users to search the newly developed help site for answers to common questions related to the LMS. Users will now see a help icon on every page within the LMS. Clicking on the icon will show relevant articles that relate to the specific page that they are on. Users can also click the link to find more on the full help site and view all support categories.

Featured playlists are a great way for administrators to group recommended content for teams or learners. Up to 6 playlists can be created for a team, with up to 30 pieces of content for each playlist. Admins are able to view the status of a playlist, to see progress being made on learners viewing the content.

Some enhancements to BizLibrary’s online learning platform include a new layout on the My Learning page, making it cleaner and more customized, and the ability for users to export a content library as a .csv file.

All of the features and enhancements included in this release make BizLibrary’s online learning platform an even more effective tool for improving employee training programs.

Organizations can experience these new features and enhancements by requesting a demo of The BizLibrary Collection and LMS.

“We’re continuously developing our products to fit what modern training programs need in order to see real changes in the workplace,” says Angela Conlon, Product UX Manager with BizLibrary. “Early feedback on this latest release has shown that clients find high value in our consistent improvements to the LMS, making their jobs and lives simpler through well-designed learning technology.”

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