CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – February 28, 2017

BizLibrary, the leader in online employee training solutions, is excited to announce several enhancements to its award-winning learning management system.

Several upgrades have been made to the Certification Groups feature, including a better user experience for administrators. Admins will have the ability to assign and edit privileges to groups and individual users. They’ll also be able to manage stages of each certification and add, edit, or delete content requirements within it.

One enhancement to the video player is a 10-second replay that lets learners quickly review something they may have missed without having to manually scroll backward. Also new to the video player options is captioning for English and Spanish videos.

The content player now supports 1080p 60fps quality for videos that have been produced to these specifications. Video quality preferences have been updated to be available as a function within the video player.

Closed captioning is now supported in the content player for video lessons with VTT caption files, soon to include video lessons from BizLibrary Productions as well.

All of the featured enhancements included in this release make BizLibrary’s online learning platform an even more effective tool for improving employee training programs.

Organizations can experience these new enhancements through full access to The BizLibrary Collection and LMS with a 30-day free trial.

“Our Product and Development teams are continuously assessing client needs in the LMS and developing plans to enhance our product,” said Angela Conlon, Product UX Manager at BizLibrary. “Our clients didn’t sign up for a stagnant product or partnership – we work to stay ahead of employee training needs so they can stay ahead of their industry’s needs.”

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