Online Learning Gamification

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – August 6, 2018

BizLibrary has just released a brand-new feature within their award-winning Learning Management System – BizLibrary clients can now set up and administer customized learning games to teams and learners.

According to a recent study, learners who were able to participate in learning games were 51% more motivated to engage with and complete training than learners without gamification. BizLibrary’s new gamification feature is designed to increase utilization and engagement with training content through social learning principles such as achievement rewards, friendly competition, progress tracking toward goals, and entertaining framing.

BizLibrary is dedicated to delivering a modern learning experience to its administrators and learners, and the gamification feature falls directly in line with the kind of high quality technology that clients have come to expect.

Learners can view their active games right from the BizLibrary LMS homepage, allowing for ease of use within the learning platform. Learners will be able to see game information, progress toward different achievement levels, their individual progress in the game compared to other learners, and a link to the applicable content library or playlist.

Administrators can create customized games for specific groups of learners, easily schedule and send messages about the game, and report on overall game learning activity.

Dean Pichee, Founder and CEO of BizLibrary, said, “When organizations partner with us to improve their employee training programs, they gain access to continually evolving solutions that meet their modern learners’ needs. Adding gamification as a feature has been something we’ve seen as highly beneficial to helping our clients increase utilization of learning content, which in turn leads to better training results and higher ROI.”

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