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BizLibrary Acquires AKLearning


Deal adds hundreds of interactive video lessons, 90+ video courses and BoosterLearn training reinforcement platform

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – December 1, 2015

BizLibrary acquired AKLearning effective November, 30 2015. The acquisition includes all of the assets of AKLearning including its current customers, intellectual property and products.

Part of the acquisition is a collection of hundreds of interactive video lessons covering a range of important business and professional skills areas. Among the key content areas are human resources, project management, employment law, leadership and management.

The interactive videos are a unique addition to The BizLibrary Collection, and include interactivity like polls, questions, opportunities for reflection all designed to enhance the end user’s learning experience.

BizLibrary is now vetting and reviewing all of the video content acquired from AKLearning to ensure that the acquired video courses meet the same quality standards as current content in the BizLibrary Collection before the new courses are added to BizLibrary’s solution.

Another key product acquired is the BoosterLearn training reinforcement platform. This is a unique product designed to help employees retain and apply important lessons by applying scientific principles to employee training.

BoosterLearn delivers targeted pieces of content to employees at very specific intervals to dramatically increase learning retention. Boosters can be delivered for any training program to learners anytime on any device.

BizLibrary will continue to use the BoosterLearn product name.

Quote attributable to Dean Pichee, President and Founder of BizLibrary:

“BizLibrary’s acquisition of AKLearning is a significant milestone for BizLibrary. I am particularly pleased about what this acquisition means to our clients. We already sit at the very leading edge of the industry with our BizLibrary Collection of thousands of short, micro-learning videos.

We are looking forward to our review of these interactive videos as we prepare to add new quality videos to the BizLibrary Collection. Our clients already realize results that are substantially better than our competitors. Now we’re planning to add hundreds more new interactive video lessons and the BoosterLearn platform, creating an unequaled combination of video training content and technology that ensures employees learn, retain and apply the knowledge they need to improve their performance.

Over the course of our 19 year history, we’ve grown at a very healthy rate, especially over the last four years. Adding these unique, interactive video lessons and learning reinforcement platform from AKLearning puts BizLibrary in a position to accelerate our growth even faster, which will enable us to deliver an even more effective and exciting solution to our clients.”

Quote Attributable to Art Kohn, President and Founder of AKLearning:

“When Dean and I met, I was pleased to meet a professional who shares my passion for delivering training that actually works and produces results. As a researcher, I tried to develop products that are based on scientific principles of learning and retention. I am pleased that BizLibrary is going to continue to develop these products because they bring a whole new level of expertise to what we’ve been doing, with scalable technology and business processes, so customers are going to benefit tremendously.”

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BizLibrary is a leading provider of online employee training and eLearning solutions. The BizLibrary Collection is our award-winning content collection, and contains thousands of online videos and eLearning courses covering every business training topic, including: business skills (including soft skills), leadership and management, sales and customer service, HR compliance training, IT, software, industry specific content, workplace safety and more.

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