Online Employee Training for Your Modern Workforce

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BizLibrary delivers the content your employees crave through powerful technology, while partnering with training and development professionals to build a successful employee training program.

Engaging employees in training is a necessity to build a business that is agile, highly-productive, and competitive in the market. The best options for investing in training are those that are going to grow right alongside your employees – they aren’t static solutions that are constantly behind the learning curve. We’ve taken a four-pronged approach to online employee training and have seen the success it can have.

Content that Engages

Our content library, The BizLibrary Collection, is an aggregated online training solution containing thousands of video lessons, video courses, eLearning videos, and interactive videos that cover a wide variety of topic areas, including: Business Skills, HR Compliance, Information Technology, Industry-Specific, Leadership & Management, Sales and Service, Software, Workplace Safety.

The BizLibrary Collection comes in various formats suitable for all types of learners, from short, micro-video lessons to more in-depth video courses, interactive video programs, and eLearning courses. Built-in reinforcement tools like quizzes, handouts, and booster programs ensure that employees retain training long after it’s completed.
And since it’s all online and mobile-optimized, your employees can access the BizLibrary Collection anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Technology that Empowers

Learning Management: The BizLibrary learning management system is an ever-evolving platform of relevant features and functionality to help you achieve more at your organization.

Whether you’re looking to deploy off-the-shelf video content, upload custom content, manage classroom training and certifications, or all of the above, the BizLibrary LMS is there for you.

Learning Reinforcement: With BoosterLearn, training isn’t a one-time event – it’s a process that must be reinforced.

The BoosterLearn platform, gives access to scientifically validated methods of increasing employees’ learning retention using customizable polls, quiz-like questions, and videos.

Partnership that Strengthens

Having a dedicated Client Success team provides the partnership, support, and resources needed for managing a successful employee training program.

By providing best practices and guidance on aligning training to organizational goals, gaining leadership buy-in, developing marketing and communication plans, and executing flawless program management, you can truly overcome business challenges within your workplace.

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