Featured Workplace Safety Videos

To The Point About: Ergonomics | Video Preview

To The Point About: Ergonomics

Controlling workplace hazards and preventing injuries is critical to keeping employees safe. One such hazard is the risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder when parts of our body are subjected to awkward positions. Using proper work practice controls in both office and industrial settings can prevent these types of injuries.

HazCom, The GHS & You | Video Preview

HazCom, The GHS & You

This training program shows the importance of being able to quickly obtain health, safety and hazard information related to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. As mandated by OSHA, chemical safety data must be conveyed through the use of the standard communication elements found in the Globally Harmonized System for the Labeling and Classification of Chemicals, commonly called the GHS.

Operating Aerial Work Platforms Safely, Spanish | Video preview

Operating Aerial Work Platforms Safely (Spanish)

This program discusses some of the common hazards that aerial work platform operators must consider when using this equipment, as well as the safe work practices and operating techniques that must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety during the use of an aerial work platform.

Active Shooter | Video Lesson Preview

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence

Emergencies involving violence are unfortunately a real possibility in today’s workplace. This can also include encountering an active shooter on the premises. One of your job responsibilities is to be prepared and know how to respond should such an emergency occur at your workplace.

Bloodborne Pathogens: The Unexpected Hazard, Spanish | Video Preview

Bloodborne Pathogens: The Unexpected Hazard (Spanish)

Bloodborne pathogens are sometimes called the “Unexpected Hazard” because, for most of us, we just don’t expect to come into contact with blood or bodily fluids when performing our normal job duties. Nevertheless, an unexpected encounter with bloodborne pathogens can happen at anytime.

Accident Investigation | Video Preview

Accident Investigation

When accidents happen, it’s important to know why. This video lesson provides employees with the information they need to understand the goals of an accident investigation, the process itself, and how they can participate in the process to help make their workplace safer.

Understanding & Controlling Ergonomic Risk Factors | Video preview

Understanding & Controlling Ergonomic Risk Factors

Ergonomic controls are used in almost all workplaces to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, often called repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). Workers often ignore the signs and symptoms of these disorders until a chronic condition has developed and they often don’t know the measures they can take to prevent them.

Electrical Safety: What Everyone Should Know

Electrical Safety: What Everyone Should Know

A lot of safety training is directed at electricians and other qualified workers. But what about the rest of us? Electricity is something that we use everyday and sometimes ignore its hazards. This program will present information on how electricity works, what it can do to the human body and how to use electricity safely.

Transporting Cargo Safety | Video preview

Transporting Cargo Safety

Trucks are one of the most crucial forms of transportation to the American economy. Part of earning a Commercial Driver’s License is learning how to safety load and carry cargo. This program is designed for employees.

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