The New Expert Insights Series from BizLibrary

When working through challenging and important issues in today's workplaces, your employees don't have to figure everything out on their own. Our new Expert Insights series brings your workforce one-of-a-kind training from highly successful professionals who are actively working in their fields.
Courses in the Expert Insights series include:
  • Workplace Mental Health with Michael Wellington
  • Leadership Skills for New Managers with Jena Viviano
  • Thrive While Working Remotely with Mike Gutman
  • Being a Remarkable Long-Distance Teammate with Kevin Eikenberry
  • Inclusive Mindset with Justin Jones-Fosu
  • Your Why Matters Now with Justin Jones-Fosu
  • Managing Up with Mary Abbajay
  • Sparking the Customer Experience with Simon T. Bailey
  • ... and many more coming soon!
Press play on the video above for more details about these courses!

We're just getting started with this series, so new Expert Insights courses will be regularly added to our content library - learn more about the full offerings of The BizLibrary Collection here.

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