Mindfulness Series

Please take a mindful moment and enjoy these sample video lessons to help you stay centered during BOOST!
Your Guide to Guided Meditation
Welcome to the “Your Guide to Guided Meditation” video lesson intended to introduce learners to practicing meditation at work. This lesson shows viewers that guided meditation is something they can achieve on their own.
Driving your Own Development: Accelerating Your Development
Welcome to the “Driving Your Own Development: Accelerating Your Development” lesson that connects specific actions to the steps in the adult development cycle. This lesson is the fifth of 10 in the “Expert Insights: Driving Your Own Development with Meredith Whipple Callahan” course, in which Meredith will teach learners the orientation, understanding, and tools to take responsibility for their evolution as a person and a professional.
Real Confidence: Simple Mindshifts That Change Your Brain
Welcome to “Simple Mindshifts That Change Your Brain” which is the seventh of eight lessons in the “The Science & Secrets of Real Confidence with Alyssa Dver” course. This lesson examines ways you can choose confidence instead of an emotional reaction by shifting how you think.
The Science of Happiness at Work: Why Positivity Matters
Welcome to the “Why Positivity Matters” lesson which explores the Theory of Well-Being. This lesson is the second of nine in the “Expert Insights: Science of Happiness at Work with Stella Grizont” course, which introduces key concepts in the field of positive psychology to help learners increase their joy and productivity at work and in life.
Build a Winning Mindset: No Excuses Mindset
Welcome to the “No Excuses Mindset” lesson, intended to teach you a tried-and-true approach to excuses. This lesson is the fourth of seven in the “Expert Insights: Build a Winning Mindset with Roger Crawford” course, intended to help you build the mindset necessary to achieve success.
Essentialism: Do Better with Less
Welcome to the "Essentialism: Do Better with Less" video lesson intended to educate viewers about Essentialism and how it can benefit their lives. This lesson covers what Essentialism is, what it isn't, and how to adopt an essentialist mindset.
Transformative Thinking: Unleash Your Potential
Welcome to the "Transformative Thinking: Unleash Your Potential" video lesson intended to help viewers more effectively generate innovative and creative solutions. This lesson dives into SCAMPER and question-storming, two brainstorming methods that allow learners to dig deeper than surface level and innovate revolutionary ideas.

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