Time management is often cited as one of employees’ largest challenges. A survey by Zapier found that while burnout was the largest barrier to productivity at 38%, time management was right behind it at 35%. Many people struggle with time management in one way or another – but what can be done about it?

BizLibrary has brought Barb Bruno into their cast of industry experts with her new Expert Insights series: Best Use of Your Valuable Time. This 12-lesson video course walks learners through the barriers to effective time management and how to take all of the time management advice they have heard over the years and put it into practice. These lessons are accompanied by concrete exercises that help learners visualize their motivation for better time management and enact their plan for change.

One of such exercises is a time study. The most effective time study should record all activities from wake to sleep for thirty days. The time study conducted by learners has been customized to help them determine common triggers and distractions that result in lost time and possible delegations. When the time study has been completed, learners should prioritize the activities found in their time study by the most valuable to least valuable use of their time. One purpose of the time study is to help learners identify their 20% – the 20% of their time that gets them 80% of their desired results. Barb Bruno also offers other tips such as the power of segmenting your day, allowing you to accomplish like-tasks with better efficiency.

Barb Bruno is a recruiting trainer and CEO of Good as Gold Training. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and author who has been helping companies attract and retain top talent for over thirty years. She has been inducted into the National Association of Personnel Services Hall of Fame and been a recipient of their highest honor – the Harold B. Nelson Award. She works to help organizations and individuals make choices that save them time and money.

Expert Insights: Best Use of Your Valuable Time with Barb Bruno isn’t your average time management class – the activities included within tackle unique aspects of time management such as motivation and identifying how and why learners run out of time in the first place. This course teaches learners to focus on the activities that are the best use of their time and learn how to delegate or restructure the tasks that steal their time away.

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