The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commision received almost 30,000 sexual harassment claims alleging sexual harassment between 2018 and 2021 alone. In addition, it is estimated that 75% of sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace goes unreported. Anti-harassment training that provides specific learning opportunities for identifying sexual harassment and intervening is one way that employers can take a stand against sexual harassment and keep their employees safe.

By June 30, 2023, Chicago requires that companies provide a one-hour bystander intervention course for sexual harassment. Chicago is one of the first cities in the nation to require bystander intervention courses on the topic of sexual harassment. This may set a new standard for other cities seeking to improve their anti-harassment training and create a safer workplace environment in their city.

In order to assist Chicago-based businesses with this new requirement, BizLibrary has added a new course offering to their training library – Bystander Intervention for Sexual Harassment. This course is compliant according to the standards of Chicago Commission on Human Relations but may also be used by organizations located in other geographical areas.

Bystander Intervention training is designed to combat the “bystander effect” – a phenomenon that discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation when other individuals are present. The more people are present, the less likely individuals are to intervene.  

In the Bystander Intervention for Sexual Harassment course, viewers will learn how to recognize sexual harassment, identify when to intervene, and appropriately choose one of four intervention tactics: distract, delegate, direct, or delay. There are six lessons in the one-hour course, which include ten unique bystander scenarios.

BizLibrary offers many anti-harassment and risk mitigation courses designed to help organizations keep their employees physically and psychologically safe.

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