BizSkills is Turning 1!

Baby BizSkills has been busy growing up AND helping to grow organizations like yours through personalized upskilling. As a party favor, you can buy BizSkills by December 1st at our reduced introductory rate! Will you RSVP? Talk with a BizSkills expert today!

See Immediate Value with BizSkills

BizSkills has a job role library of over 500 ready-to-go job titles with over 1500 pre-mapped skills! And with BizSkills' NEW feature, Skill Interests, learners can get started on their upskilling journey without needing to wait for administrators to assign roles and skills to them. One of our clients saw an 18% increase in employee satisfaction after implementing skills development into their training. Skillsets can change quickly during an employee's tenure, so BizSkills allows employees and their managers to rate their current skills and re-evaluate them as they develop.

Put Employees in the Driver's Seat

We've introduced a lot of new features since BizSkills was announced one year ago - particularly Skill Interests and Skills Genie. We know the people at your organization are unique - so their training should be, too. BizSkills gives your employees the tools they need to map out a career path within your organization. Not only can they participate in the skills training that has been assigned to them, they can explore other interesting skills as they prepare to develop their career even further.

Customize to Your Heart's Desire

With BizSkills, you can customize training as much as you'd like - or you can take off running with the prescribed content. Administrators can track employees’ current skillsets to the content they need to build relevant skills for their role. Robust reporting gives administrators everything they need to know about the progression of skills within their organization. There's also the ability to take a deep-dive into more specific reporting.

Don't be late to the party! Get a product tour with a BizSkills expert today!