Author: Krista Heumann

Training & Development Industry Researcher | Krista researches, analyzes, and writes about the impacts of employee learning on organizations and individuals. She looks at the industry shifts and trends that matter to L&D and HR professionals, and helps them understand how to create better training programs that grow their employees and their business.
Effective time management skills for work
4 min

Get Things Done: Time Management Skills to Be More Effective and Efficient

You can drastically improve your ability to get important things done when you understand the difference...
Working on new product launch with team
5 min

5 Tips to Prevent Problems with Your New Product Launch

Managing communication and expectations throughout the process can be tricky, but when done right, you'll have...
EQ at Work Relationship Management
6 min

EQ at Work: Relationship Management Fundamentals for Employees

If you're seeing your employees struggling to collaborate, people talking behind each other's backs, or a...
ALIGN 2018 President's Address
3 min

BizLibrary Concludes 11th Annual Employee Training Conference, ALIGN 2018

BizLibrary's 11th annual ALIGN Employee Training Conference featured keynotes and breakout sessions, valuable networking opportunities, and vision...
EQ at work social awareness
6 min

EQ at Work: Building Employees’ Empathy and Social Awareness

You can be proactive in creating a more empathetic culture by helping your employees to develop...
EQ at work self-management
6 min

EQ at Work: Self-Management Skills for Your Employees

When you're dedicated to helping your employees improve their self-management, expect to start seeing some positive...
EQ at work self-awareness
6 min

EQ at Work: Developing Employees’ Self-Awareness

Developing employees' self-awareness forms the foundation for improving how they manage their behaviors and interactions with...
3 min

Almo Corporation Wins 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award in Partnership with BizLibrary

BizLibrary is pleased to congratulate Almo Corporation on their recent recognition by Brandon Hall Group for...
Multiple generations at work
4 min

What Every Generation Wants at Work

By understanding not only the differences, but the values that tie each generation together, you can...
Online Learning Gamification
2 min

BizLibrary Introduces New Gamification Features to Enhance Modern Learners’ Training Experience

BizLibrary clients can now use new gamification features to set up and administer customized learning games...