Moving from peer to boss can be a stressful undertaking. It’s important to ready these new mangers with the skills they need to succeed in their new roles. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top skills new managers need to get off on the right foot. These skills include giving feedback, avoiding discrimination, what makes an effective leader, and more!
The Rookie Manager: Become the Manager Your Employees Want
There are many ways to manage employees, but consider what it means to be the manager employees want. This video shares skills new managers should focus on, covers a few categories of skills that help make a manager successful, and dives into specific action steps that can help new managers lead an engaged workforce.
Giving Feedback as a Manager
Giving feedback can be tricky, but it’s a vital skill every manager must master. This video shows leaders how to provide constructive criticism and praise effectively by discussing the best setting to deliver feedback to the action steps each person needs to take afterward.
Accountability Overview for Managers
Managers that hold themselves accountable help set the tone for a workplace. This video describes the accountability process and how managers can create a culture of accountability by discussing critical thinking, behavior response, and tips on how to lead an accountable team.
Management Basics: Common Mistakes of Managers
To err is human, even as a manager. In this video, viewers will learn whether they are arrivers or derailers through ten common errors such as over-managing, being too dependent on others, being overly ambitious, betraying trust, and having an air of superiority.
Steering Clear of Discrimination as a Manager
Discriminatory behavior can manifest in many ways in the workplace and can often take form as an adverse job action performed by a manager. In this video, learners will become aware of the legal landscape of discrimination and learn about best practices to employ to monitor behavior and ensure professional behavior.
Leadership Skills for New Managers: What Makes an Effective Leader?
Defining what makes an effective leader can be difficult, but in this video, expert presenter Jena Viviano describes ways new managers can become a better leader for their employees by discussing some of the traits of good leaders, from being a power distributor to demanding excellence.
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