Optimizing Employee & Leadership Development for Future Success

David Hanrahan, a seasoned HR professional and visionary leader, can boast a uniquely recognizable track record of renowned organizations throughout his career. Allow me to just name a few: 

  • HR Manager for Universal Pictures 
  • Director of Human Resources for Electronic Arts 
  • Director of Human Resources for Twitter 
  • Vice President of People at Zendesk  
  • Vice President of People & Places at Niantic, Inc. 
  • Chief Human Resources Officer at Eventbrite 

Now serving as Chief People Officer at San Diego-based software development firm, Flare, it might not be so shocking to hear that his list of proficiencies is about 3x longer than the list above. With areas of expertise including hyper-growth hiring, scaling global orgs in async environments, DEI adoption and strategy and, maybe (definitely…) most important of all, Metallica, we here at L&D Unlocked count ourselves lucky David could spare some time to join us in-between his busy schedule of speaking events.  

Joining our host, BizLibrary Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Elliot, David digs deep into episode topics such as: 

  • Navigating ownership of employee development in organizations 
  • Launching development programs with no prior knowledge or available resources 
  • Why effective leadership development isn’t always a budget line-item 
  • Next steps when experiencing a developmental setback 

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David Hanrahan
Chief People Officer
David’s career has spanned 20+ years building strong HR teams and fostering high performing cultures across global organizations including Eventbrite, Niantic, Zendesk, Twitter, Electronic Arts and Universal Pictures. His areas of expertise include performance management, total rewards, DEI, hybrid work practices, leadership development, compassionate people practices, and driving high engagement.