Many of us experience stress and anxiety in our everyday lives, but all of the news around COVID-19 has intensified these feelings. All of the uncertainty of when we'll be able to see family or friends or go back to work, coupled with the constant updates about new cases, is distressing and can feel overwhelming.

Although none of us can see the future, we can care for ourselves and our mental health during this uncertain time. In this playlist, you'll learn helpful tips for managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19, including ways to take care of yourself, positive coping strategies, how to reframe your mindset, and how to limit the amount of time you spend consuming news.
Managing Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19
The situation around COVID-19 changes rapidly, and it's tempting to want to follow every update to stay as informed as possible. But constant updates can increase existing stress and anxiety, so it's important to remember to set healthy boundaries and still make time for activities you love. In this video, you'll learn how to manage the constant flow of information, stay connected to your loved ones, and care for your mind and body.
Workplace Mental Health Course
Discussing mental health with your employees or coworkers can be difficult. In this video course, comprised of 6 individual lessons, you'll get tips you can use now and later for caring for your own mental health and the mental health of your employees. You'll learn how to talk about mental health, how to intervene in a crisis, as well as the difference between positive and negative coping strategies.
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