BizSkills, the newest product in BizLibrary’s suite of workplace development tools, has recently celebrated its first anniversary on the market. Since its release, BizLibrary has made a number of enhancements and introduced new features to assist organizations in transforming their workplace.  

The inclusion of the new feature, Skills Genie, could lead to a significant shake-up in how administrators design and administer training programs for their learners. Erin Pinkowski, Chief Product Officer for BizLibrary, said “Skills Genie is an exciting enhancement because it allows both learners and administrators insight into the most in-demand skills in the market ensuring skills development is focused on today’s needs. Access to the Skills Genie also saves administrators a lot of time building their job role profiles allowing them to quickly deliver targeted, personalized development plans to their workforce.” 

Skills Genie, powered through a partnership with Lightcast, global leaders in labor market analytics, enables administrators to create personalized training plans for custom job roles without manually adding role descriptions or requirements. After administrators add a job title, Skills Genie searches relevant job postings throughout the US and compiles the most desirable skills from the industry into a checklist for administrators to choose from. This helps to ensure that employees are keeping their skills and abilities relevant – making it easier to promote from within rather than look for an outside hire.  

“I’m really excited about all the enhancements that we’ve made to BizSkills in the last year. Each improvement creates more functionality for the administrators and the learners, making it easier to upskill than ever. We have more than 50 clients using BizSkills to help them drive career pathing and retain their top talent,” said BizLibrary’s Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Elliott. 

The Skill Interests widget is another enhancement introduced just in time for BizSkill’s first birthday. The widget allows learners to drive their own development by giving them the ability to choose even more skills and job roles to train for. Learners can access Skill Interests from their homepage and jump into BizSkills without any administrative set-up and take off upskilling and reskilling for the career of their dreams.  

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