Craig Weiss, leader in the learning & development space and industry influencer, has released his 2022 choices for top executives and CEOs for learning systems. Craig is the founder, CEO, and Lead Analyst of The Craig Weiss Group, which provides analytics, advisory, and consulting services.

BizLibrary CEO Dean Pichee Named in Top 3 CEOS/Presidents of Year for Learning Systems

Craig placed Dean Pichee, BizLibrary Founder and CEO, as #1 on his list of Top 3 CEOS/Presidents of the Year for Learning Systems in 2022. “Dean has reinvented BizLibrary, adapting to the new approaches needed in 2022, especially in the SMB space, often overlooked as a key space in the industry,” Craig wrote.

Dean Pichee responded, “When I founded BizLibrary in 1996, I wanted to serve as a resource for small and medium-sized businesses to attract, develop, and retain top talent. As BizLibrary has grown, I’m proud to be part of an organization that serves businesses across all industries, helping them tackle their toughest challenges in learning and development.”

Craig also recognized BizLibrary’s newest offering, BizSkills, writing that “BizSkills is an outstanding learning system that map[s] all the skill to content/courses of the learning system ahead of time – a first in the industry.” BizSkills was first introduced to the BizLibrary product lineup in 2021 and focuses on upskilling and reskilling employees, matching their desired skills to applicable learning content. Learners using the BizSkills platform can choose from the hundreds of off-the-shelf job roles and titles within the system, which are pre-mapped to applicable skills and lessons from the BizLibrary Content Library.

BizLibrary Chief Product Officer Recognized for 2nd Year in a Row on List of Top Learning System Executives

BizLibrary Chief Product Officer Erin Pinkowski was also recognized as one of the Top 27 Learning System Executives of 2022. This is Erin’s second year being recognized as a top leader in the learning system space, as she was also recognized in last year’s list of Top 19 Learning System Executives of 2021. Erin said, “We’ve made a lot of innovative progress at BizLibrary in the last few years and I am looking forward to pushing the envelope in the learning and development space as we continue.”

Paul Eschen, Vice President of Marketing at BizLibrary, also praised Dean and Erin, “We are incredibly fortunate to have senior leadership at BizLibrary like Dean and Erin who can really illustrate practicing what we preach here at Biz.”

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