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managers making hiring decision
5 min

Make Better Hiring Decisions with a Focused Employee Selection Process

In order to make strong hiring decisions, you need a solid selection process in place first....
8 min

3 Key Elements in Learning Ecosystems and Why L&D Professionals Should Care

In this article, Thomas Harrell dissects the key concepts behind learning ecosystems and what he hopes...
hr professional working on marketing strategy
9 min

Why and How to Create an HR Marketing Strategy

Creating content is traditionally handled by marketing and sales departments, but this powerful strategy can help...
7 min

The Best Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy for the New Decade

There are several ways to work on keeping your client base engaged and seeing value in...
HR insights and tips with Jeff Havens
3 min

How to Make Performance Reviews as Odious as Possible

These simple strategies can help you create a working environment that has everyone wondering if they...
importance of employee training
4 min

Investing in Employees: Why Training Is Important

Investing in your people is one of the best business decisions you could ever make -...
meeting of successful business leaders
5 min

Running a Successful Business: 3 Keys for Long-Term Growth

Learn the three key things that all great companies share and how to apply them so...
manager talking through change with employee
4 min

5 Steps for Overcoming Resistance to Change in the Workplace

When employees are resistant to change, a manager's approach to the conversation matters - here's how...
4 min

Outdated Training Is Working Against Your Goals – Here’s Why

If your training program is stuck and not providing the experience or results you're hoping for,...
8 min

LXP or LMS: Which is Right for Your Organization?

An LMS and LXP both have benefits, so it can be hard to decide which platform...
HR insights and tips with Jeff Havens
4 min

How To Know If You’re Setting Pointless Goals

There aren't many articles that will tell you whether the goals you’ve set are completely pointless....
formalized training classroom setting
5 min

Formal vs. Informal Learning: Which Employee Training Strategy Is Better?

How do you know if your training strategy is the best option for your organization? Learn...