Mindfulness Series

Please take a mindful moment and enjoy these sample video lessons to help you stay centered during ALIGN!
Managing Feelings of Anxiety at Work
This lesson defines work anxiety, describes the signs that it’s occurring, and explains its causes and effects. Finally, the lesson offers best practice steps for managing workplace anxiety.
Thriving Under Pressure
This lesson describes common workplace situations that put pressure on employees and highlights the distinction between pressure versus stress. In addition, viewers will learn helpful tips for productively managing high-pressure situations so they generate positive results. In the end, learners should understand that, while no one works best under pressure, it is possible to excel in high stakes situations.
Your Guide to Guided Meditation
This lesson shows viewers that guided meditation is something they can achieve on their own. In order to make the topic more approachable, it is broken down into different techniques that learners can use to get started in guiding their own meditative practice.
6 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance
This lesson includes details why a healthy work-life balance is important to well-being, and what steps to take to move toward a more productive and fulfilling work life and home life. This lesson is intended to show viewers that, even if the company culture contributes to work-life imbalance, there are still important steps that can be taken to be a more productive, efficient, and satisfied employee. (Keywords: productivity, mental health, work-life balance, engagement)
How to Re-Energize Yourself at Work
This video lesson, "How to Re-Energize Yourself at Work," contrasts the right way and the wrong way to boost your energy throughout the work day. Viewers will learn why it is important to take water breaks, skip carbs and sugar, eat lunch away from their desks, and stretch, among other things. These simple strategies will help any person stay focused and alert all day long.
Managing Stress (Part 6 of 6): Dealing With Stress at Work
No matter what kind of role you play within your organization, stress is inevitable. But, it’s not something that has to be put up with. Organizations can reduce workplace stressors for their employees, and employees can minimize their stress even when they're in a stressful environment. This six-part series will teach you how to handle the normal stress of daily work and give you tips on how to remove the causes of debilitating stress. The series list is included as a reference to the suggested viewing order.

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