Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Recruiting and Hiring Veterans

It’s fairly well understood that military veterans can often bring strong leadership to an organization.

What is less known is that during their service, our veterans typically give presentations, comply with regulations, develop plans, create and work within budgets, conduct audits and inspections, and meet goals and demands.

In other words, their military experience means veterans are uniquely qualified for many jobs!

Companies have taken notice of this, and have made hiring veterans a priority. Starbucks recently announced a plan to hire over 10,000 military veterans and military spouses, and their success is self-evident by the company’s rapid growth.

Recruiting and hiring veterans takes intention, and teaching strategies to attract and hire veterans is exactly what this week’s video highlight is all about! It helps impart the benefits of hiring veterans, and outlines a few ways to make sure their experience and leadership can help your organization develop a more intentional culture!

Click the play button below to watch a one-minute preview of “Recruiting and Hiring Veterans” from The BizLibrary Collection!


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