Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Introduction to Project Pre-Work

We hear constantly how technology is changing the workplace, but to date, no technology has been able to fully replace the nuances that people and social interaction bring to the workplace.

Project management is an illustrative example of a job task requiring soft skills and a personal touch. This video, from The BizLibrary Collection, is part one of a larger video series regarding project management.

In this video, learners gain a foundational understanding for approaching a large project. This particular lesson covers crucial knowledge about approaching a new project, planning for variables, and defining the scope and desired outcomes of a project.

Project management is a fundamental skill that directly affects an organization’s goals, and it’s important for employees to have resources to improve their ability to manage projects effectively.

Click the green play button below to watch a one minute preview of this video from The BizLibrary Collection, “Mastering Project Management: Project Management Pre-Work.”

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