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Weekly Video Highlight: Compliance with OSHA Recordkeeping

OSHA has likely saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives through its strict regulations and work laws. As with many laws, while they are exceptionally good at creating change, they can be rather incomprehensible for anyone not possessing a law degree.

29 CFR Part 1904 consists of 46 parts, which is quite comprehensive and targeted to several different audiences, ranging from HR practitioners, individual workers, and managers.

Thankfully, those in industries affected by these regulations don’t need to become legal experts to understand how OSHA wants employees to report on workplace safety incidents, and teach them these procedures.

This video from The BizLibrary Collection details to employees how to handle OSHA reports so that OSHA can collect data to form better policies. By following these guidelines, you can be sure that your company is protected against accusations of wrongdoing in the event of workplace injury. This is an important step for organizations to become fully compliant with safety laws.

This video is part of a larger series explaining all 46 sections of 29 CFR in easily understandable, digestible, and memorable chunks.

Click the play button below to check out a one minute clip of this video from The BizLibrary Collection!

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