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Weekly Video Highlight: 5 Strategies for Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

Recently, companies have started to place tremendous value on the various perspectives that can only come from a diverse group of employees. This value on diversity and inclusion is not without merit, either. According to Gallup, employees who work in inclusive organizations are 56% more likely to stay with their current employer than employees who work in organizations that are not inclusive.

This video from The BizLibrary Collection helps your leaders and hiring managers understand why an inclusive work environment is important for business success, and how an inclusive environment will affect their employees for the better.

This video offers strategies your organization can use to be more inclusive! These five strategies are presented concisely in five minutes so that your leaders can quickly understand the best practices to get started on creating a strategy for a more inclusive environment.

Click the play button below to watch a one-minute preview of this video from The BizLibrary Collection!

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