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Weekly Video Highlight: Know Your Finances: Borrowing Money


Here’s a rather scary fact: if Apple, the world’s most valuable company, liquidated all of its assets, the company would not be able to eliminate US student loan debt.

This year, student loan debt in the United States eclipsed $1.5 trillion, impacting mostly millennial workers, who now make up the majority of the workforce.

In response to these increasing financial burdens causing stress in the workplace, many organizations now offer financial wellness benefits designed to reduce financial stress and improve focus and performance in the workplace.

This video, from The BizLibrary Collection, is part of a larger video series that is designed to help employers offer financial wellness to employees through effective microlearning videos.

Click the green play button below to watch a one minute preview of “Know Your Finances: Borrowing Money (Part 1 of 3)” from The BizLibrary Collection.

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