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Developing Your High Potentials: From B-Players Into A-Players

Developing High Potentials

Coaching and developing your team is the foundation of what it means to be an effective manager.

A big way to make sure you don’t overlook developing high potentials is to learn how to identify what level of performance each person is at. Are they an A, B, or C-player?

Identifying A-Players, B-Players and C-Players

A-players and C-players are typically easiest to identify. The A-players are your superstars, self-motivated employees that are always looking for ways to improve. C-players are those employees that either haven’t learned the job yet, or are disengaged and lack the desire to do it well.

That leaves the B-players. These people tend to slip between the cracks when it comes to coaching because they are neither over-performing nor under-performing. They are getting their work done on time, plugging along, contributing ideas and keeping the company running. They are likely the majority of your employees.

Are You Supporting Your B-Players?

B-players need your attention as much (if not more) than those on the far ends of the performance spectrum because they are the ones who are most likely to become future managers and leaders.

It can be tempting to only think of your natural A-players as high potentials, but overlooking high potential B-players is a big mistake.

Some B-players are perfectly content to be performing simply satisfactorily, but others need just a little coaching and direction in order to reach their A potential.

The first step to developing high potentials from B-players to A-players is identifying those who actually want to strive for more at work. For some people, work is just work. Their focus is on family, social life, or pursuits outside of work. Unless circumstances change, they’ll remain B-players despite your efforts to make them A’s.

The performance goldmine lies in identifying your high potential B-players.

With attention and good coaching, these B-players will recognize their own potential and start seeing ways that they can (and want) to improve professionally. Considering the large number of B-players in the workforce, investing more in these employees can make a huge difference in your organization’s overall performance.

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