Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Close Calls and Near Misses


When an on-the-job injury occurs, often an investigation reveals what caused an injury.

Following that investigation, teams devise strategies that help prevent similar accidents from occurring.

Other sources that proactive teams use to assess workplace safety are reports from close calls or near misses.

Reporting these types of incidents can help companies discover ways to correct unsafe actions or conditions before they have a chance to cause an injury.

This video from The Bizlibrary Collection gives insights to employees about the importance of reporting all close calls and near miss incidents so that your team can take the proper steps to improve work conditions and prevent injuries.

Learners who watch this video will see the importance of following safety guidelines and gain a deeper understanding of why it is their duty to report close call and near miss incidents.

To watch a one-minute preview of “Close Calls & Near Misses,” click the green play button below!

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