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Weekly Video Highlight: Account Management: Establishing Lasting Partnerships


Account management is an important skill, and great account management is a crucial part of ensuring the success of any business.

When customers are happy, feel valued, and have their problems solved by your company, they are significantly more likely to buy into new features, advocate for your business, and be a continual source of revenue, even in tough economic times where new business might be slow.

This video from The BizLibrary Collection teaches the value of account management to employees who might be looking to expand or develop that skill.

As part one of a multi-video course, this video immediately helps employees develop their business acumen by expanding on the sales process, teaching them the nuances of personal selling, and offering keys to establishing an effective partnership with a valuable account.

Click the green play button below to watch a one-minute preview of “Account Management: Establishing Lasting Partnerships.”

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