BoosterLearn gives you the power to build your reinforcement programs at any cadence you wish! Once a learner is enrolled, a sample program could look like the one shown below.

Day 1: Multiple Choice Question

A multiple choice question is a type of boost used to allow the learner to recall core knowledge. These questions are most effective when used within your first or second boost to reset the forgetting curve.

Day 3: Poll Question

Like multiple choice, a poll question allows the learner to recall core knowledge. Poll questions are most effective when used within your first or second boost and compares the learner’s response to their peers.

Day 7: Fill-in-the-Blank Question

Fill-in-the-blank questions are more difficult types of boosts which require a deeper recall of knowledge and should be used later in the booster program.

Day 14: Thought Question

The thought question is most effective when used towards the end of the booster program. This type of boost drives the learner to summarize the information they have learned and displays the behavior change that is taking place from the training event.

Booster Reporting

As soon as learners are enrolled in the booster program and begin to interact with the boosts, reports and dashboards will begin to populate learner and team analytics.

Building a Program

Building a reinforcement program with BoosterLearn is that easy. Set up your questions, types, and cadence, and start reporting!

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