Our content experts put together a playlist on a monthly basis that focuses on popular topics important to the modern workforce. This month we're sharing our top training videos from 2021. Viewers will learn how to collaborate remotely, how to detect phishing emails, how to create a great customer experience, what to do when returning to in-office work, and more.
Managing Up: Working Well with the Boss You Have
There are many types of managers in the workplace. In this video, Author and Managing Expert Mary Abbajay discusses the types of leaders at an organization provide tips to on how employees can create a positive and productive relationship with the boss that employees have rather than the one they want.
Anti-Harassment for Supervisors: Smart Guidelines for Your Interactions at Work
There are many types of workplace harassment as well as many interpretations of said harassment that most people might miss the signs. In this video, Anti-harassment Expert Catherine Mattice shares ways that managers and supervisors make sure they’re setting the right example for others by helping to create a positive work environment that prevents harassment.
Thrive While Working Remotely: Investing in Health and Wellness
With Covid cases on the rise and the start of a new year, it’s important to focus on the health and wellness of employees. In this video, Remote/Hybrid Work Expert Mike Gutman examines ways that managers and employees can work at their best while they’re working from home and includes tips on how to be more productive, how to improve team culture and engagement, and how to increase wellness and mental health.
Being a Remarkable Long-Distance Teammate: Self-Care and Work-Life Balance
Employees struggle to find a work-life balance as they try to manage shifting priorities, working from home, kids, projects, and more. In this video, Author and Leadership Expert Kevin Eikenberry shares three truths about work-life balance and gives tips for cultivating healthier habits to improve self-care that you can share with employees.
Leadership Skills for New Managers: Giving Feedback
Giving feedback is a difficult task as it needs to not only be effective but be constructive. This becomes even harder for new managers trying to find their footing. In this video, Leadership and Management Expert Jena Viviano shares how to be an effective leader, even when newly promoted. She shares a step-by-step process to provide effective feedback.
Inclusive Mindset: Exercising Empathy
Empathy at work means being able to establish connections that enhance relationships and performance. In this video, Author and Chief Inspirational Officer Justin Jones-Fosu discusses authentically embracing diversity and inclusion by first sharing a personal story about asking questions and then describing what empathy is and isn’t. He also shares three types of empathy: cognitive, emotional, and compassionate.
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