Our content experts put together a playlist on a monthly basis that focuses on popular topics important to the modern workforce. This month we're sharing training content to help you develop a resilient workforce. We'll discuss skills for becoming more resilient, how to help employees overcome fear, and strategies they can use to develop a growth mindset. Access the sample playlist below to see how you can develop a resilient workforce.
Being Resilient, No Matter What
We can't always know the challenges our employees are going to encounter, but what we can do is help them develop the skills to be resilient in the face of challenges. In this lesson, we'll share important skills and strategies for becoming more resilient.
Sunday Night Dread: Overcoming Burnout
Burnout was recently recognized as an occupation syndrome by the World Health Organization. It can lead to increased absenteeism, more turnover, and decreased quality of work, and it shouldn't be ignored. This lesson is full of insights on how to prevent and overcome burnout. It's a must-watch for managers and employees alike.
Overcoming Fear: Do What Scares You
We all have fears, and they can keep us from reaching our full potential. This lesson has tons of great tips to help employees process fear, face what scares them, and demonstrate resilience when taking a chance.
Freedom to Fail: Learning and Growing from Failure
Failure can make us feel defeated, but it can also make us stronger if we learn from it. In this lesson, employees will learn how to develop a growth mindset and rethink the way they think about failure.
Fighting Fatigue: As an Employee
Many of us have a mentality that rest and sleep are something we'll get to later because we have too much to do. But a lack of sleep can have seriously detrimental effects on well-being, work quality, and general health. In this lesson, employees will learn why adequate rest is so crucial, as well as how to make sure they're getting the best quality sleep.
Recovering from a Personal Disaster
As much as we might try to keep them separate, challenges at home can impact life at work. Employees may want or need support but aren't comfortable sharing a lot of details during a difficult time. This lesson has great tips they can use to navigate a personal disaster or trauma in a work setting.
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