Our content experts put together a playlist on a monthly basis that focuses on popular topics important to the modern workforce. This month we're sharing training content on how to become a world-class communicator. Viewers will learn how to communicate confidently, how to strike the balance between being assertive and aggressive, best practices for remote communication, and more.
Being a Remarkable Long-Distance Teammate: Great Remote Communication
Communication can be tricky enough, and communicating remotely can be even more challenging. In this lesson from our Expert Series, Remote Leadership Expert Kevin Eikenberry talks about best practices for virtual communication, including being intentional and proactive.
Communication Tips for Managers
When it comes to communicating with a team, less is not more. Keeping them posted on important updates, being clear in your explanation, and leaving time for questions are all keys to communicating successfully. Learn more tips in this quick lesson.
The Rookie Manager: Communicating and Listening
It's important to be sure to deliver the right information, but you also want to make sure you're delivering it the right way. Learn keys to communicating as a rookie manager.
Delivering Successful Messages at Work: Six Tips for Preventing Miscommunication
Unfortunately miscommunications happen, but with some extra planning, they can frequently be avoided. In this lesson, viewers will learn to think through delivering their message through the best channels and as clearly as possible.
Art of Assertiveness: Using Assertive Verbal Skills
When communicating, it's important to be assertive without being aggressive. This lesson has great tips for being an assertive communicator, as well as dealing with an aggressive communicator.
Communication Toolkit: Communicating with Confidence
None of us feel confident all the time, but being a confident communicator can help eliminate miscommunication and frustration. Learn important elements of communicating confidently, including preparing, choosing the right words, being aware of non-verbals, and more.
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