Our content experts put together a playlist on a monthly basis that focuses on popular topics important to the modern workforce. This month we're sharing training content to help your teams collaborate effectively. Viewers will learn how to collaborate in a remote setting, the essential skills for collaborating, how to overcome micromanaging tendencies, and much more! Here's to effective collaboration!
Collaborating Remotely with Teammates
Collaborating can be challenging, and collaborating remotely can have its own set of challenges. It's important to find the balance between overcommunicating and not communicating enough. This video lesson has tips for communicating, being clear, establishing best communication channels, and being productive remotely.
Why Collaboration Counts
When teams effectively collaborate, they bring diverse perspectives to the table, improve outcomes, and find new solutions to challenges. In this lesson, the learners will get an understanding of why collaboration matters, the skills essential for collaborating, and how to develop a collaborative culture.
Overcoming Cross-Functional Obstacles
Cross-functional collaboration is a great method for fostering innovation, but it can quickly go south without good policies and procedures in place. This lesson will teach learners how to build trust among cross-functional teams, align everyone to the same priorities, and accomplish joint goals.
Fostering Friendly Debate on Your Team
Debates can help everyone see all the sides of an issue and can be an important part of collaborating, but it's important to maintain a friendly and professional tone. This lesson will share tips on keeping debates productive, professional, and friendly.
How to Stop Micromanaging--and Why
We've all worked with a micromanager. Micromanaging can stall productivity, progress, creativity, and innovation. The tips in this lesson will help the learner understand why micromanaging happens, how to overcome it, and how to keep it from seeping into the company culture.
Identifying Project Roles
An important part of collaborating is identifying who is responsible for each part of the project. In this lesson, viewers will learn how to establish clear roles, how to keep the appropriate parties accountable, and general tips for collaborating effectively and efficiently.
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