Recent events have left many of us feeling sad, outraged, frustrated, and confused about how to confront racism, injustice, and inequality in our world. Fear of saying the wrong thing or not knowing what to do holds us back, but it's time to change.

We have put together several videos from our training content library to help you educate yourself and your employees on how to be champions of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and our world. The videos in this playlist will help you realize and work to overcome your own biases, teach you how to speak up against racism, understand the difference between anti-racist and not racist, and so much more.
Anti-Racism: Because "Not Racist" Is Not Enough
The difference between being anti-racist and not racist comes down to our actions. In this video, you'll learn ways to become anti-racist instead of not racist. We'll share what not to say, how to become aware of and avoid microaggressions, how to speak up in your own circles, and much more.
Leading a Diverse Workforce
As a leader, it's important to be sure you're promoting acceptance and appreciation of diversity in the workplace. Diverse teams bring a variety of skills, perspectives, and solutions to the table, which helps them to perform at a higher level. In this video, you'll learn how to create an environment where everyone has a voice.
Diversity Toolkit: Conscious Inclusion
Creating a more inclusive workplace doesn't just fall on one department; it needs to be an organization-wide effort and a part of your everyday culture. Learn how to practice conscious inclusion through training, hiring, goal setting, and more.
Diversity Toolkit: The 5 D's of Difference
In this video lesson, you'll learn five common ways people respond to differences. We'll discuss harmful responses and the impact they can have on others, as well as how to have healthy and meaningful interactions. This lesson will help you become more aware of your responses and how something seemingly harmless can actually be problematic.
Diversity Toolkit: The Inclusion-Exclusion Continuum
Whether we realize it or not, we all fall somewhere on the inclusion-exclusion continuum. In this lesson, you'll learn what each place on the spectrum looks like and how to move toward full inclusion.
Overcoming Unconscious Bias
Unconscious bias refers to automatic, ingrained, and unintentional stereotypes that can influence our actions without us even realizing it. Learn how to become aware and acknowledge these biases, as well as how to overcome them and how confront harmful habits and prejudices.
LGBT+ Equality in the Workplace
The office should be a place of equality and respect and free of harmful stereotypes about a person because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. In this video lesson, you'll learn why and how we should work together to confront harmful stereotypes.
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