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BizLibrary Introduces Reinforcement Boosters to Improve Learning Retention

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – May 20, 2016

BizLibrary, a leading provider of online employee training solutions, is excited to announce the addition of Reinforcement Boosters to its award-winning online training library, the BizLibrary Collection.

What are Reinforcement Boosters?

Research has revealed that employees retain only 10-20% of training content without reinforcement. Within a matter of days, more than half of the new knowledge is simply forgotten, and along with it, organizations’ investments in that training. By systematically boosting the training in the days and weeks following training, learners are provided opportunities for effortful retrieval which helps them to retain essential information.

Boosts arrive via email in the days and weeks following completion of a training lesson or course, and include quizzes, surveys, polls, and reflective questions that help your employees to retain essential information.

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The first release of BizLibrary’s reinforcement booster programs includes boosts for more than 1,200 interactive videos and video lessons, with plans to eventually boost all content within the BizLibrary Collection.

“We are extremely excited about the introduction of Reinforcement Boosters to our BizLibrary Collection. Our unique combination of short microlearning content “bursts” and ongoing reinforcement “boosts” following the training will increase our clients’ training ROI by 3 to 4 times!” said Dean Pichee, CEO at BizLibrary. “This isn’t a marketing hype… this is based on scientific research on learning retention. The evidence shows that adding multiple reinforcements to training programs will increase retention from approximately 20% to more than 90%!”

“We have learned that by giving learners a series of opportunities to think about, recall and retrieve material in the hours and days after training, the probability of retaining the information is drastically enhanced,” said Debbie Williams, Vice President of Content Development at BizLibrary. “Boosted content creates a great after-training program that will enhance training delivered through The BizLibrary Collection. Providing these booster opportunities for recall will guarantee that the core training delivered will be remembered and transferred back to the workplace.”

For more information about the science of learning, view BizLibrary’s on-demand webinar on Neuroscience and Learning: Training Tricks that Maximize Memory and Retention, presented by Dr. Art Kohn.

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BizLibrary is a leading provider of online employee training solutions. Our award-winning online training library (The BizLibrary Collection) contains more than 5,000 micro-video lessons, video courses, interactive videos, and elearning courses covering a wide variety of topic areas and includes additional support materials to further increase learning retention.

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